Social Media Training

Do you like the idea of “face to face” social media training to suit your needs, focused on your knowledge levels, your business, at a time to suit you?

Offering social media training courses which are bespoke and customised to your needs. Teach you the key skills for getting the most for you, your business, event or promotions from your chosen social media channels. Helping you gain a better online presence through short bespoke training with the course that comes to you, for you and at a time to you!

Training can be either:

– Face to face.
– A specially created online video meeting room.

Types of training:

– One to One.
– Pairs.
– Group Workshops.

Example of Social Media Courses:

– Facebook For Business.
– Twitter For Business.
– Instagram For Business.
– LinkedIn For Business.
– EVENTually (Pre-Event to Boardroom) attending events.
– Digital Customer Service with your chosen channel.
– Also, bespoke courses created for your business needs.

Training in Social Media

Training courses are for professionals who want a better handle of social media for themselves, as well as, businesses which want to leverage their online presence.

One to One and Pairs this can be face to face or via the online video meeting room.

When it comes to group training I offer “in house” and “off site” social media training workshops created especially for you as either a half day or a full day.


For further details on the above, why not get in touch and let us see how I can help you today!


Then with a blend of understanding your requirements, our knowledge and our attention to detail, FIT Social Media can design a plan to suit your needs.

No challenge is too big or too small!

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