Social Media Training

Are you?

A professional – who needs to become more confident with social media? Be on the right channels, with the right image, have the right message and be able to use them to gain visibility? Don’t have a lot of time? With one to one sessions, you will achieve this quickly for online networking and more. All sessions can either be online or face to face.

An organisation – which wants to gain better brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website or other social channels? Want to boost brand engagement, encourage more click through and help generate new leads? Need a better strategy when it comes to social media management, increasing engagement or handling digital customer service? With consultancy here to help give advice and create solutions for your online presence. Providing training with one to one sessions or group workshops bespoke to your needs, focused on your organisation covering all this, with right channels and more. All sessions can either be online or face to face.

A business owner – who wants to be able to manage your own social media channels? Create your own content, post at the right times and attract current and potential customers? Build a community and have an effective digital customer service channel?  With consultancy here to help give advice and create solutions for your online presence. Providing short bespoke training programmes created for one to one sessions or group workshops, saving time, get skills and tools to use straight away and achieve a better online presence to attract more leads. All sessions can either be online or face to face.

So here’s some information on the social media for business training courses:

Training in Social Media

Types of training:

– One to One.
– Pairs.
– Group Workshops.

– Half-Day Social Media Courses.
– One Day Social Media Courses.
– Multi Social Media Workshops.
– Bespoke Social Media Packages.

– Online social media courses.
– Face To Face social media courses.

– Social media courses for beginners upwards.

Examples of some of our Social Media Courses:

– Facebook Training Course For Business.
– Twitter Training Course For Business.
– Instagram Training Course For Business.
– LinkedIn Training Course For Business.
– EVENTually (Pre-Event to Boardroom) attending events.
– Digital Customer Care with your chosen channel.
– Introduction to Websites and Digital Marketing.
– Also, bespoke courses created for your business needs and knowledge.

What are the benefits?

So you are still in two minds take the plunge, the time and effort to sit down and go through training? Will it make a difference? What will the cost of investing in training do for my business? Will it be worth it? Will it save me money, time and energy in the long term? Do I really need it? Are these questions that you are asking yourself? Well, the answer to all these questions is yes.

Think of it this way, where do you want to go with your business and it’s online presence? Where are you right now? Where do you want to be? Do you want to understand what’s working and what’s not working? What’s holding you back?

Going forward, I can help you when it comes to your online presence through social media training whether you are a total novice or more knowledgable. With a blend of understanding your requirements, my knowledge and my strong attention to detail I will help you move forward and leverage your online presence.

For further details on the above, why not get in touch and let us see how I can help you today!


Then with a blend of understanding your requirements, our knowledge and our attention to detail, FIT Social Media can design a plan to suit your needs.

No challenge is too big or too small!

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