Social media is ever-changing.
Find it hard to keep up, it’s a challenge? 

Not sure what to be on?
Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you?

A professional – who wants to become more confident with social media? Be on the right channels and be able to use them to gain visibility?

A business owner – who wants to gain better brand awareness and drive more traffic to their websites? Want to boost brand engagement and help generate new leads? Build a community and have an effective digital customer service channel? 

A student – who is on the verge of going to college or in college and wonders what all the fuss is about LinkedIn and Twitter, and what they can do for your career? The first day of college is the first day of your career. The “In-School” and “In-College” focused workshops “Social Media and The Working World with LinkedIn and Twitter”. As a student, you will have the ability through the workshop to start your “Twitter and LinkedIn life” on the right path to leverage future professional success!

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