Social Media for Students

What’s all the fuss is about LinkedIn and Twitter? What they can do for your career? Think of college as the first step on the path of your career. With a specially devised either half-day or full-day group workshop concept “Social Media and The Working World with LinkedIn and Twitter” you will gain knowledge and skills using Twitter and LinkedIn to help leverage your future professional success! All sessions can either be online or face to face.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool and will help students prepare for the next exciting chapter of their lives. It will help them to build a professional network and get a good feel of what their dream role is truly about. They can even use it to find their first job. 

They will learn how to tap into the power of LinkedIn to locate industry insights, internships, jobs, and valuable connections. In this workshop, we will walk through how to build a stellar LinkedIn profile – no work experience necessary. Tips for building their LinkedIn network, identifying job opportunities, connecting with recruiters, and showing enthusiasm by sharing and commenting on content that is relevant to their dream role.


Twitter is the second most popular social media platform and is a great networking tool. An active Twitter presence will give students opportunities to interact with people they would never have a chance to talk to otherwise. Some of those people might even become future employers or business contacts. Companies and professionals engage on Twitter especially when it comes to industry events and seminars. People on Twitter are looking for what’s new, for great content and stories from other people, businesses and brands which they are interested in.

What are the Benefits?

  • Learn about the key functions and etiquette on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Gain practical experience in writing effective Posts and Tweets.
  • Learn how to engage with LinkedIn and Twitter. 
  • Understand the importance of content and develop content ideas.
  • Creating a digital footprint for your future and career path.

At the workshop, each student should bring a laptop and a phone. We offer the following to enable the students to get the most out this interactive workshop “Social Media and The Working World with LinkedIn and Twitter”.

Workshop Criteria 

The workshop size is limited to 30 students with a minimum of 26 per workshop.  On the day, there would be to two workshops. Each workshop is up to three hours duration, with a 15-minute break in between.  Students will be provided with a social media pack of “checklists” on Twitter and LinkedIn to refer back to afterwards.  To make this workshop a truly fun learning experience, we will be using the “learn through play” concept. Teaching a core element of the workshop through an interactive game. 

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