Social Media Consultation

Social Media Consultation

During a social media consultation, I look at what you have in place and review your current social media position, in how it measures up to your competitors and give a recommendation and strategies of what would suit your needs going forward. 

A discovery call is 30 minutes and is free of charge.  But if you require more than a discovery call, then why not contact me and book a time to suit you. I offer “one-off”, “monthly” and “quarterly” consultations, which quite a few businesses like the idea of having someone on their team to help them move forward. 

Providing social media consultations,  I can either meet you or online via a private online video meeting room specifically set up or by Zoom. 

What are the Benefits?

So you are still in two minds whether you need to have a consultation, yes? Will it make a difference? What will the cost of investing in a consultation do for my business? Is it worth it? Will it save me money, time and energy in the long term? Do I really need it? Are these questions that you are asking yourself? Well the answer to all these questions is yes.

Think of it this way, where do you want to go with your business and it’s online presence? Where are you right now? Where do you want to be? What’s holding you back?

Going forward, I can help you when it comes to your online presence through social media consultancy and training. With a blend of understanding your requirements, my knowledge and my strong attention to detail I will help you move forward and leverage your online presence.

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