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Social Media Consultation
Social Media Consultation

During a social media consultation, I look at what you have in place. I review your current social media position, in how it measures up to your competitors. Giving recommendations and strategies to suit going forward as a professional, organisation or business owner.

Starting with a free 30 minutes discovery call. If you require more then I would be happy to book a time to suit you. “One-off”, “monthly” and “quarterly” consultation packages. These can be in person or online via a private online video meeting room specifically set up or by Zoom. 

Training in Social Media
Social Media Training

Offering social media training courses which are bespoke and customised to your needs. Teaching key skills for getting the most for you, your business, event or promotions from your chosen social media platforms. Helping you gain a better online presence through short bespoke training with the course that comes to you.

– One to One or Paired training in person or online via a closed meeting room specially set up for you or Zoom.

– With workshops, they are half-day or full-day and can be in-house or offsite. Online via a closed meeting room specially set up for you or Zoom.

– Bespoke training for Professionals, Organisations and Business Owners.

Social Media For Students

Looking for social media education for students? Students do wonder what all the fuss is about LinkedIn and Twitter, and what they can do for your career? Think of college as the first step on the path of your career.

A specially devised half-day group workshop concept. Students will gain knowledge and skills using Twitter and LinkedIn to help leverage their future professional success! This workshop “Social Media and The Working World with LinkedIn and Twitter” can either be online or face to face.

Understanding your requirements, with our knowledge and services and our attention to detail, at FIT Social Media we can design a plan to suit your needs.

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